Ranch Profile

    Amidst the rolling slopes of the porcupine hills overlooking the majestic Rocky Mountains, lies Thunder Valley Farms. It is the permanent home of Jim Hank Jr., King Tip, and Pocos Honest Abe. My Name is Dennis Dodds, and along with my wife Praba, daughter Tiffini and son Robbie we are working to maintain and preserve the old foundation bloodlines of our horses.

    With my three stallions and twenty mares, I am trying to maintain the King lines. It is a very challenging and sometimes surprising enterprise, as I am sure you are all know.

    Our goal is to protect and perpetuate the foundation blood lines of the working cow horse along with their versatility, heavy muscle body carried on good bone and sound hoofs with a gentle disposition. In creating this web site I am hoping to reach as many people with the same goals in their hearts,   given the nature of this business that we are in. We will be posting new arrivals for sale, so browse our  news periodically.